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The London Argentine Tango School run by Leonardo and Tracey teaches the authentic, social art form of Argentine Tango. Leonardo Acosta from Buenos Aires, has danced Tango for over 48 years. Based on his years of teaching and dancing, they have defined his style and now have a comprehensive teaching methodology to help others dance this beautiful dance. It is named in honour of Leo's father, who was also a Tango Teacher.


All their classes are also supported by the recent publication of their own 56 page book - The ABC of Argentine Tango which can be purchased directly through them - see here for more details.


If you are interested in learning to teach, or if you would like to find other teachers who teach their style, then please use the menu to find out more...

The Argentine Tango Teaching Methodology of TANGO FANDANGO - one of the UK's longest running Tango Schools

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The ABC of Argentine Tango - written by Leo and Tracey in printed (£15) and iBook format with video clips (£6.49)

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