The Modules

There are six modules that take place from October through to May. Each module is from 11.00am to 3.00pm, with a break for lunch. The modules are spaced over this time so that you have at least 1 month to practice what you have been taught the previous month.


There is break over the Dec/Jan period and then four more modules from February through to May. At this point there is another break of 1 month. In June you will be expected to take a 1 hour theory exam with Leo and Tracey and also, on a subsequent date, to teach one of their group classes for 30 minutes so that they can assess how you teach and explain the Tango. If they feel that you understand their methodology, they will at this point, allow you to use the London Argentine Tango School logo and, if you want, to teach classes using their methodology.


You will be expected to be able to Lead and Follow during the training period and you do not need to attend the modules with a partner.

The London Argentine Tango School Teachers Pack

Printed material is provided with each Year One module and video footage is also available to view.