About Us

The founders of the London Argentine Tango School are Leonardo Acosta and Tracey Tyack-King. They have worked together for about 7 years, creating a fun partnership which aims to spread the technique of the authentic, social art form of the Argentine Tango as danced in Buenos Aires.


Leo has danced Tango since the age of 7 and was taught originally by his father in Buenos Aires. He has a thorough knowledge of both the Leader and Followers roles and teaches all the rhythms of Tango, Tango Vals and Tango Milonga. He is also one of the few people who teach the lesser known rhythms of Canyengue and Tango Foxtrot.


Tracey has a history of dance including ballet and Ballroom/Latin American dancing. She has danced Argentine Tango for about 14 years but feels that she only really began to dance Tango when she was retrained by Leo 7 years ago. She brings to the partnership a unique perspective of other types of dancing to help people from other dance styles dance Argentine Tango.


Their classes and dances are fun and informative and they have a large community in the South.

Leo and Tracey