Leo's Methodology

The School's Methodology is based on Leo's knowledge given to him by his father and other great Milongueros of the day who Leo had the benefit of studying with. Leo's knowledge is enhanced through his experience of dancing Tango from a small child.


The School gives students exercises at the start of every class, which help with musicality, technique and posture. Classes then progress to look at improvisation.


There are no levels at the School. All students, whatever their background or experience, are invited to take part in all classes. This enables the School to have a friendly atmosphere with no hierarchy. It also means that students learn from each other. It is better for a Beginner to dance with someone who may have a little knowledge. There is also much that an experienced dancer can learn from someone with little experience.


The School is focused on the skills of improvisation and musicality and believes that Tango is a dance that should be fun as well!

Leo's father - Leonardo Acosta