Our School

Tango Fandango is the original School of the London Argentine Tango School. It was founded by Leo when he arrived in the UK from Buenos Aires and started teaching over 14 years ago.


Over the last 7 years during his partnership with his current partner Tracey, they have developed the School offering weekly classes in a wider area, also Workshops, Improvised Performances, and Tango holidays. In addition, the Teacher Training Programme has been operating for the last 3 years and they currently have 11 trainee teachers studying with them throughout the United Kingdom.


The London Argentine Tango School exists to provide quality and authentic teaching within a comprehensive framework using exercises and technique to promote the authentic style of Tango that Leo has danced all his life. Inspired by the work of his father, who was also a Tango Teacher and Milonga organiser in Buenos Aires, the School is also dedicated to his memory and the Methodology is named for him.



The School does not have levels. All students regardless of their experience dance together. This way the School is friendly and has no hierarchy. Someone with little or no experience is able to learn from another who may have more experience. The student who has some experience can always learn from someone with little experience.



All classes start with exercises and technique to enable studens to work on the fundamental basics. This helps to promote musicality, technique and posture. Each lesson then progresses to explore improvisation.

Leo and Tracey