Teacher Training for Tango

Leo and Tracey now teach a series of modules for those people who are interested in perhaps becoming Tango Teachers or simply those who want to have a more in depth knowledge of Tango.


The modules are open to anyone who has a passion to learn and an open mind! You do not have to be the world's best dancer although the modules are not suitable for those who have no knowledge of dancing at all. They are looking for people with a desire to learn and to practice.


The modules are not easy and there is no guarantee at the end of the course that you will receive their approval in the form of their logo for you to teach. Some people have not completed the course. You can be sure however, that Leo and Tracey will give you every opportunity and encouragement to learn and discover the social art form of the improvised Tango that they teach.


If you are still interested, then take a look at the modules page where a little more explanation is given about the course.

Case Study - Tango Temptation in Benson, Oxfordshire

Mark and Sarah from Tango Temptation  after passing their first year exam with us went on to introduce their own Tango Group teaching on a weekly basis. We support them and their Tango group with monthly workshops which are extremely popular. For more details see the Tango Fandango web site here...